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Aadyot, based in Mumbai is functional since 1998. Under Aadyot we have been producing various kinds of films. We have many corporate films, ad films, audio- visuals, documentaries, television shows and also a feature film to our credit.
The television shows include both fictional and non fictional works for various channels. We have produced film based shows, talk show for children, serials based on short stories and so on. Many of our works are for and about children.
The documentaries include a range of subjects like health, development, disabilities, children and women as well as management. While working on the various documentaries we could meet up with people at grass root level. Helping them open up and make them talk on camera requires a lot of patience and skill. Since we have done a lot of this kind of work, it will be easy for us to get the best from the local people we will be visiting for this show.
Resource persons and experts related to food culture, Indian culture and tradition are available to us who can help us in selecting innovative as well as traditional and “not so heard of” subjects. Their contribution may prove worthwhile even in writing our scripts. This will definitely add to the uniqueness of the show.
We are also technically equipped for post production. An in house edit set up will allow quicker outputs. Also, experimenting with our works will be possible. We have the kind of expertise and proficiency that is required to produce this kind of a show and we are hopeful of a great association with your team.